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To configure acSixSaferPay, please fill in the following fields:

  • Customer Id, Terminal Id: The information that you received from SaferPay when opening your business account or test, or you can use the general test from SaferPay.
  • SaferPay API username and password: Create a JSON API username and password from your computer. SaferPay account, Settings / Basic Authentication JSON LT
  • Currency: The default currency that SaferPay can use if the current currency is unrecognized.
  • Force Primary Currency: Ask SaferPay during the payment to use the primary currency (and the corresponding amount) in place of the user currency. Payment methods : The types of payment that SaferPay can accept during payment. Warning: some payment methods require that you have a contract directly with the provider of the payment, such as the PostCard.
  • Your nopCommerce Url: Use by SaferPay when redirecting to your store after a successful or canceled payment. If the field is empty, the current URL of your nopCommerce is used.
  • Payment Description Template: Defines the line of text that SaferPay displays on its payment page. Parameters of the line of text:
     {0}: Name of the store.
     {1}: Order number.
     {2}: Amount and primary currency.
     {0}: Order N°{1}, {2}
    Several languages can be configured for Payment Description Template as follow:

     en={0}: Order N°{1}, {2}&fr={0}: Commande N°{1}, {2}
  • Additional fee: Additional fee to charge your customers.
  • Use percentage for the additional fee?: Determines whether to apply a percentage instead of a fixed value for the additional charge in the total order.
  • Proxy Username, Password: If your nopCommerce is behind a proxy, enter its login information.

The commercial version also has the following fields:

  • License ID, License Password: The license ID and its password you received by email after purchasing this plugin.
  • Is Test Mode: If this option is enabled, the SaferPay test payment page is used in place of the Live page.